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Regional Representative
Regional Representative Rebecca Heinrich rebecca.heinrich@durhamnc.gov

Auditing Committee
The Auditing Committee shall consist of three (3) members appointed by the President, whose duty shall be to audit and inspect the financial accounts of the Association prior to the annual Business Meeting, or at such other times as may be directed by the President of the Board of Directors. The Committee shall report to the Association at each annual Spring Conference or at such other times as the President or Board of Directors may direct
Auditing Committee Members: (3 members each with a one year term)
Auditing Committee - Chairperson Clint Babb clinton.babb@townofcary.org
Auditing Committee Tracy Crowther tcrowth@guilfordcountync.gov
Auditing Committee Julie Beane jbeane@guilford.nc.gov
Membership Committee
The Membership Committee shall consist of three (3) members appointed by the President, whose duty shall be to solicit and screen applicants for the North Carolina Division of the International Association for Identification.
Membership Committee Members:
Membership Committee - Chairperson Erin Biggio ebiggio@ncdoj.gov
Membership Committee  Christa Leonard  Christa.Leonard@greensboro-nc.gov
Membership Committee Shelley Garis Shelley.Garis@greensboro-nc.gov
Membership Committee - Recruiter Gretchen Bartizal Gbartizal@ncdoj.gov
Training Committee
To bring in training in both latent prints and crime scenes to the state. The aim of these trainign sessions is to help those who are working toward certification or recertification.
Training Committee Members:
Training Committee - Co-Chair (crime scene) Casson Reynolds creynolds@ncdoj.gov
Training Committee - Co-Chair (latent) Doreen Huntington dhuntin@guildfordcountync.gov
Training Committee Nicole Meldrum nmeldrum@guilfordcountync.gov
Training Committee Randy Horton randy.horton@co.iredell.nc.us
Training Committee Bradley Whitaker bwhitaker@moorecountync.gov
Training Committee Rebecca Heinrich rebecca.heinrich@durhamnc.gov
Training Committee Karen Morrow kmorrow@ncdoj.gov
Training Committee Angela Berry latamr60@gmail.com
By-Laws Committee / Operations Manual
A committee to organize and change the by-laws when needed to make sure it coincides with the parent organization rules.
By-Laws Committee / Operation Manual Members: (Number of members at the discretion of the NCIAI President)
By-Laws Committee / Operations Manual - Chair Brian Dew dewbrian@gmail.com
By-Laws Committee / Operations Manual Mike Summers msummers@wilsonnc.org
By-Laws Committee / Operations Manual Ivy Walker  iwalker@ncdoj.gov
By-Laws Committee / Operations Manual Steve Williams swwilliams@ncdoj.gov
By-Laws Committee / Operations Manual Edna Woyee Edna.Woyee@greensboro-nc.gov
Conference Committee
To assist the conference planner with setting up and organizing our training conferences. This includes dealing with vendors and guest speakers, soliciting donations and to provide any necessary manpower at the conference.
Conference Committee Members:
Conference Committee - Co-Chair Casson Reynolds creynolds@ncdoj.gov
Conference Committee - Co-Chair Randy Horton randy.horton@co.iredell.nc.us
Conference Committee Heather Black hblack@ncdoj.gov
Conference Committee Erin Biggio ebiggio@ncdoj
Conference Committee Andy Parker andy.parker@wakegov.com
Conference Committee Shannon Smith semcguirk@yahoo.com
Conference Committee Adria Gharati adria.gharati@orlando.gov
Conference Committee Leslie Popik leslie.popik@greensboro-nc.us
Conference Committee Rebecca Heinrich rebecca.heinrich@durhamnc.gov
Conference Committee David Bryan david.bryan@darenc.com
Conference Committee Jaclynn McKay jmckay@rti.org
Conference Committee Bryan Brendley bbrendley@methodist.edu
Merchandise Committee
To design and produce items of interest such as shirts and hats with the organization logo to sell to the membership.
Merchandise Committee Members: (Number of members at the discretion of the NCIAI President)
Merchandise Committee - Chair Amanda Holowaty amanda.holowaty@durhamnc.gov
Merchandise Committee Leslie Popik leslie.popik@greensboro-nc.gov
Merchandise Committee Shannon Smith semcguirk@yahoo.com
Merchandise Committee Brooke Fail marie.fail@wakegov.com
Merchandise Committee Brittany Nosal Brittany.Nosal@wakegov.com
Merchandise Committee Carla Foran Carla.Foran@wakegov.com
Merchandise Committee Jessica Dennis jessica.dennis@buncombecounty.org
Merchandise Committee Alycia Smentkiewicz alycia.smentkiewicz@greensboro-nc.gov
Awards/Goodwill Committee
To be alert to organization members who should be recognized by the NCIAI for a job well done, achievements or accomplishments. Also to be a contact point for membership notification of ill, injured or death of a member and to make the President and Board of Directors aware of the information. Also to send a get well card and will assist in organizing attendance at a ceremony.
Awards/Goodwill Committee Members: (Number of members at the discretion of the NCIAI President)
Awards/Goodwill Committee - Chair Beth Williamson bethpwilliamson@gmail.com 
Awards/Goodwill Committee Ginger Blake vblake@nhcgov.com
Awards/Goodwill Committee Kim Breeden Kim.Breeden@wilmingtonnc.gov
Awards/Goodwill Committee Brooke Fail marie.fail@wakegov.com
Awards/Goodwill Committee Amy Wilde amy.wilde@highpointnc.gov
Legal & Forensic Updates Committee
To monitor and advise the NCIAI of any new legislation/laws that could affect the forensic field.
Legislative Committee Members: (Number of members at the discretion of the NCIAI President)
Legal and Forensic Updates Committee - Chair Leslie Daugherty ldaugherty@ncdoj.gov
Legal and Forensic Updates Committee Andy Parker andy.parker@wakegov.com
Legal and Forensic Updates Committee Leslie Popik leslie.popik@greensboro-nc.gov
Website/Audio Visual Committee
Website Committee Members: (Number of members at the discretion of the NCIAI President)
Website/Audio Visual Committee - Chair Shannon Smith semcguirk@yahoo.com
Website/Audio Visual Committee Jaclynn McKay jmckay@rti.org
Website/Audio Visual Committee Melissa Southern melissa.southern@wakegov.com
Website/Audio Visual Committee Casson Reynolds creynolds@ncdoj.gov
SAFIS User's Committee
SAFIS User's Committee - Chair Karen Marrow kmarrow@ncdoj.gov
SAFIS User's Committee Doreen Huntington dhuntin@co.guilford.nc.us 
SAFIS User's Committee Brian Dew dewbrian@gmail.com
SAFIS User's Committee Rebecca Heinrich rebecca.heinrich@durhamnc.gov